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Product update: Enhanced duplicate event checking for per-animal health activities, new fields added

Posted by Jean Harrison on Sep 29, 2017 5:59:38 PM

During the feedback collection period following the release of batch entry for health events in late July, the EasyKeeper team had the opportunity to focus on making some highly-requested updates.

Enhancements to heath events and health event reminders

The enhancements to potential duplicate event checking introduced with batch entry for health events has been added to the per-animal add health event flows and the add health event reminder flows.

New fields added to animal profile

Two new fields have been added to to Description section of the animal profile:
  • Eye color. This fields provides tracking of eye color based on the color terms used by the breed registries that report and record eye color. In addition to displaying on the profile page, the animal's eye color displays on the animal's Snapshot page, and on the pedigree display.
  • Jaw structure. This field provides for the ability for tracking mouth correctness, and specify if an animal has a jaw defect such as an undershot jaw, overshot jaw or cleft palate.