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How the miniature dairy goat breeds are being developed

Posted by EasyKeeper Staff on Jan 3, 2017 5:00:52 PM

Breeding for specific qualities is a long process that takes a high level of dedication. Breeders the world over spend years trying to breed stronger, better producing animals and often the judge of a good producer is the strength of their animals' genetics.

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Certified healthy: Animal Welfare Approved

Posted by EasyKeeper Staff on Jan 5, 2016 8:21:49 PM

There is one way that goat producers can make their products stand out. It’s a square green, blue and white label that has a picture of the sun peaking over the horizon, and it says: Animal Welfare Approved.

The Animal Welfare Approved seal is a hard earned badge of difference and demonstrates the farmer’s commitment to the care of their animals, the land and the local community. Farmers in this program are distinguished by a humane and conscientious attitude towards the animals in their care as evidenced by a physical audit and detailed plans and records of farm practices.

AWA’s core philosophy – and that of it’s certified farmers – is that the way we raise our animals, the nutritional quality of the meat, milk and eggs they produce, and the impact of the farming system on the environment are all intrinsically linked.

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